Affordable Web Design and Hosting

Why Do I Need A Website?

As communication moves out of traditional media and is more often found on line, your customers and, more importantly your potential customers, will expect to be able to find you and do business with you on line as well.

A website is a means to attract customers, to communicate your unique offerings to them, and convince them that you are the business to choose.

Websites also allow you to provide technical information, product details, special offers, or any other information you want people to consider when they are deciding who to do business with.

What About My Visitors?

The websites we create not only look great; they work great too! They are designed with all of the latest industry standards and guidelines for website usability in mind, to ensure your site can reach the widest possible audience.

Here at T.L.S.P.U. we consider ourselves at the forefront of web design and development, dedicated to building all of our sites to the latest standards.

How are your users going to view your site? Do many of them use mobile devices with small screens? We can help! We can create sites designed specifically for small screens like phones and tablets or we can create desktop sites which are able to automatically adjust when viewed on a small screen device. In fact this site, which is primarily a desktop site, when viewed on a phone or tablet changes to better fit the screen - Why not try it out?

How Can We Help You?

First and foremost is design - Even with the best information around, if your site doesn't deliver that information with an attractive and easy to consume design, you won't attract customers. T.L.S.P.U. designs each solution to be both relevant and appropriate, to allow an instant recognition of content genre.

Take a look at some of the projects we've undertaken previously.

The T.L.S.P.U. website development process is simple and involves the customer at every stage to ensure that the site delivers everything the customer had in mind. We begin wireframe designs or by roughing out a site mock up. This is then followed by an iterative process of design with customer input at each stage, culminating in a site that is a unique representation of the customers business requirements.

Building our sites with accessibility in mind, we include as much text as possible, including text description for images etc to help users with screen readers and impaired vision experience the site the same as those without.

With so many Internet Browsers out there, it is vital that your web design performs and displays correctly in all of them. If this isn't the case, you are alienating customers and thus missing out on potential sales.

Every website we create is thoroughly tested in all the major browsers to ensure compatibility, regardless of whatever equipment and software your visitor is using on the web.